Glass is available in many thickness and Any Glass has state of the art machinery to give you the exact edge you're looking for. The above links will give you examples and information if you need additional help.
Measuring For Thickness
On our website we offer the following glass thickness: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", and 3/4".  The only edge that affects thickness is the beveled edge.  The glass itself is still the same thickness, but the bevel reduces just the edges thickness by 1/4".  Example: If the bevel edge you are measuring measures in at 1/2" thick, then your glass thickness is 3/4".  Or if it measures 1/4", then your glass thickness is 3/8".

Which Thickness To Choose?

1/4" thick glass is recommended to protect an existing table from scratches and stains, such as an oak wooden table or desk.  Sometimes this thickness of glass will be found as inserts in a coffee table. 

3/8" - 3/4" thick glass is usually used as the tabletop itself, although  sometimes you will find these thickness used as inserts in a coffee table.  Any Glass recommends a minimum of 1/2" thick for tabletops as it provides the weight and durability you will need.  Go with 3/4" for the best look and 3/8" for coffee and side tables. 

Additional Information
The thickness of a glass tabletop more often then not makes a large difference in how the tabletop looks.  If you are looking to complete the design of your dining room, Any Glass recommends the 3/4" to maximize the look of the glass and base at the same time providing durability and weight. 

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