Antique Mirror

Antique Decor Mirrors are handcrafted using silvering techniques passed down for generations. Our distinctive styles are an ideal alternative to clear mirrors, as each pattern offers visual elegance of times past. Our antique Mirrors are designed for a variety of mirror applications, including architectural, furnuture and framed. All of our Antique Mirrors handcrafted in Louisville, KY and likely the most unique mirrors available in the world today.
#60 Hydrangea

French Antique
#77 French Antique

#48 Woodford

Silver Patina
#150 Silver Patina

Rainbow Close Antique
#58 Rainbow Close Antique

Sunset Antique
#35 Sunset Antique

Snow Cloud Antique
#32 Snow Cloud Antique

Summer Cloud Antique
#31 Summer Cloud Antique

Dark Cloud Antique
#30 Dark Cloud Antique

Hollywood Antique
#22 Hollywood Antique

Italiano Classico
#13 Italiano Classico

Dark Coud Gold Vein
#30 Dark Cloud Gold Vein
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