Custom Mirror:Mirrored Walls

A custom mirrored wall designed by Any Glass will greatly impact the size and feel of any room in your home. Our glass technicians take extra care when designing your custom mirrored wall, paying close attention to the strictest detail. We include beveled mirror plates to cover your outlets and switches beautifully and can add beveled strips around the mirror to decorate and enhance the look of the room. Any cut, style, or design can be achieved and our glass experts can help guide you should you need assistance.
Measuring For Mirrored Wall 

If you need a quote for an existing or new mirror wall, follow these steps: 

  • Measure the area of the wall you need covered with a standard tape measure.  Size does not need to be exact. 

  • Note any holes for outlets and switches you may need

  • Many times, the mirrors can be installed above the outlets.  A good example of this would be a weight room.

Beveled Strips and Corners 

Beveled strips can greatly enhance the look of your mirrored wall, which are installed around the outer edge and/or on the seams of the mirrored wall.  Any Glass also installs beautiful corner pieces to match the bevel strips, instead of a mitered corner.  Beveled strips can easily be installed on an existing mirror wall.  

Stock Mirror Sizes  

Our mirrors are ?? thick and come in the following stock sizes:

  • 48" x 120"

  • 60" x 120"

  • 72" x 130" 

Glass Shelving

Glass shelving can be applied virtually anywhere in your home that you may need more room to place things such as books or decorative items.  Even corners in your house can have glass shelving.  We can cut the glass to fit into the corners adding more space and beauty to the room.

Stack bars are one of the most popular application of glass shelving.  Usually this is installed in a bar area where you may want to place bottles or glasses on.  The glass is stacked in between each mirror giving the entire glass system a very beautiful and finished look, as you might see in your favorite restaurant.

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