Any Glass offers a wide range of residential services. Whether you need a window replaced or patio enclosed, our glass technicians give prompt and friendly service. We offer single and double pane windows in both tempered and non-tempered glass. Below you will find help on how to measure and determine the glass type you have for pricing.
Measuring A Window 

Our glass technicians will take an exact measurement for your window.  To get a price over the phone, pull a standard tape measure across the window?s length and width to get a rough size.   

Note the following: 

         What is the Color of the Glass?

         Is the Glass Double Insulated or Single Pane?

         Where is the window located? Upstairs?  Near a door?

         Does the Insulated Unit Have Dividing Mutton Bars inside?

Residential Window

Tempered Glass vs. Plate Glass 

Tempered glass is used for safety purposes and in some cases is required by law.  When a tempered piece of glass breaks, the entire glass unit breaks up into tiny little pieces.  Plate glass on the other hand breaks up into random sized pieces and is also most commonly installed.  Tempering is required when the glass unit is located in or around a door.  It is also recommended in areas where small children will be playing. 

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